Biden imports 300,000 Ukrainians via 'parole pipeline'

 April 25, 2023

The numbers are absolutely shocking.


That's the number of Ukrainian nationals who have been imported into America in just one year's time. It's reported that Biden's "parole pipeline" is bringing "hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to the United States every few months."

Biden's dirty trick to get all of this done is to depend on humanitarian parole, a process that had previously been reserved for a minimal number of extreme cases.

Joe Biden completely destroyed the intent of the process and is instead using it to inflate America's population as rapidly as possible with people he thinks are going to depend on him and therefore vote for him.

Humanitarian parole has been responsible for the arrival of at least 125,000 Ukrainian immigrants already, with another 175,000 arriving via other means such as amnesty programs.

Breitbart News reported that between January 2021 and February 2023, Biden's parole pipeline has important more than a MILLION foreign nationals into America.

Patterns don't indicate this is going to be curbed anytime soon.