Biden's national security blunders places Israel and the United States at risk, Breitbart author says

October 16, 2023

President Joe Biden is under heavy fire for his national security policies. Many believe his weakness on the world stage contributed to the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel last week.

Breitbart's Alex Marlow, in his bombshell new book, Breaking Biden, pointed out a long list of national security-related failures that make that argument.

One of those is Biden's approach to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He wrote, "Not only did the revival of the Iran nuclear deal empower and embolden the evil Iranian regime—which has its fingerprints all over the latest round of brutal terror that saw innocent children murdered in their homes—Russia is a key partner in the deal."

Marlow pointed out that by demonizing America's natural energy resources, Biden gives countries like Russia a chance to exert dominance over critical energy sectors, including oil.

The increased energy-related profits taken in by Russia and other U.S. adversaries, allow them to fund dangerous activities, such as wars and terrorist attacks on Western nations.

"They can use the windfall profits from rising energy prices to fund whatever they please. Like, for example, an invasion of a neighboring country," Marlow wrote.

Marlow noted that prior to the attack on Israel, he was one of the most anti-Israel presidents in history.

"While he has enriched our enemies, Biden has also alienated key allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel. This week, he is acting like a steadfast partner to Israel. It’s a welcome reversal, but it comes long after he had earned a reputation as being “the most hostile President toward Israel," according to the Zionist Organization of America," Marlow wrote.

Biden has expressed support for Israel in the wake of the horrific and deadly terrorist attack by Hamas jihadists but has been criticized for sending mixed messages.

The president first told the world that Israel has every right to defend it self and retaliate for the brutal attacks that killed thousands in the most unthinkable ways, but a few days later, warned Israel to abide by the "rules of war" in their response.

According to the Associated Press, Biden is set to visit Israel this week to meet with Israeli leadership.

He will also reportedly visit Jordan to meet with several Arab leaders to discuss the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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