Biden's Mass Release Of Migrants Shaping Up To Be Supreme Court Battle

 June 7, 2023

Joe Biden's administration has ONE option left:

File an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.

Otherwise, Biden's plan of a mass release of migrants is not going to happen.

For some reason, the Biden administration thinks it's an okay idea to let illegal immigrants loose in America WITHOUT court dates. You'd have to be stupid to think that many of them would ever report to America's government again.

A three-judge panel of 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued a decision "denying the Biden admin's request to stop a lower court judge's order from taking effect while the case plays out in the courts on the merits."

Biden's Department of Homeland Security was pushing the laughable argument that not allowing illegal immigrants to roam free in America without court dates would cause "irreparable harm."

Everyone knows what Biden is trying to do via immigration. He doesn't care how these people get here or why they're allowed to stay, but he does think that they will then owe Democrats a vote. They're literally trying to pack America with liberal voters.

It isn't working.