Biden's 'Like An Eighth Grader With A...'

 May 13, 2023

Joe Biden's administration has delayed sanctions and export controls ever since China's spy balloon over America was spotted back in early February.

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, thinks he knows why.

The Biden administration is "like an eighth grader chasing after a crush" when it comes to their treatment of China. Joe and his family benefit so much from China and look up to their communist leaders so much that they are afraid to upset the Chinese.

"It’s like an eighth grader chasing after a crush. It’s pathetic and embarrassing, and it does nothing but embolden [the] Chinese Communists," Cotton began, adding:

They think that Joe Biden and all of his administration is willing to trade away all of these concrete and needful actions for our national security just for a phone call or for a meeting.

"Remember, it goes back to the very beginning of our administration when Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan went to Alaska and met with their Chinese counterparts and got berated with BLM, left-wing talking points and just took it," Cotton went on.

"Or, look back to the balloon incident itself the Biden administration knew days before it was revealed, and it was only revealed when some ranchers and a photographer in Montana discovered it," Cotton concluded. "Why the delay? Because they were trying to preserve Tony Blinken’s trip to China just a couple of days later. Look, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down with your adversaries. Ronald Reagan did it a lot with Mikhail Gorbachev in his second term once he had established the strength and credibility to make it clear that we expected outcomes from those talks, not just sitting down to talk for the sake of talking."