Biden's Legal Team Held Secret Meeting With Jack Smith Before Trump Indictment

August 30, 2023

Well, if for some zany reason, you trusted Jack Smith before this, you almost certainly won't trust him after you learn the truth.

Anyone who thinks that the special counsel is working for justice is severely mistaken.

Jack Smith is working for the Bidens.

If you aren't able to accept that fact, then you're as dumb as America's liberals think you are.

Biden's administration actually had the balls to meet with \Smith's team weeks before he unleashed another indictment against former President Donald Trump.

White House visitor logs tell the whole story. Nine weeks before Trump was indicted by Smith, the special counsel's team and Biden's team were getting all close and snuggly in the White House.

The two sides met in the White House at 10 a.m. on March 31, 2023.

Despite logs clearly showing Smith's team being signed in, the description of what took place in the meeting is mysteriously absent from the visitor logs.

I wonder why.