Biden's Interior Secretary Displays Ignorance About China Threat

 March 30, 2023

I just learned about who Deb Haaland is about five minutes ago, and already I can tell that she does NOT have America's best interest at heart.

She has China's. The only question is whether that's by accident or not.

Her predecessor during the Trump administration, Ryan Zinke, has serious concerns about whether or not Haaland understands the severity of America's standoff with China. She seems to be relying way too much on China for America's future energy production. That's not smart at all, and Zinke knows it.

Zinke asked, "Is it your policy that critical minerals should be sourced from countries that are stewards of the environment — like the U.S. and our allies — or sourced from Russia and China that don’t share our same values?"

Haaland wouldn't answer.

In fact, she seemed completely clueless the entire time.