Biden's Immigration Lies Plague America

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Whether it comes to how their soft-on-crime stance impacts murder rates or the state of our southern border, Democrats are prepared to tell you anything but the truth.

President Joe Biden just accomplished lying about both of those things in the same incident.

Representative Lance Gooden, a Republican from Texas, is furious about Joe Biden's "egregious border policies" as they relate to the four-time deported illegal immigrant that recently murdered an entire family in America.

"The American people do not believe the White House’s lies when surging crime at the border continues to destroy our communities and harm innocent families," Gooden said.

He was referring specifically to the White House claiming that illegal immigration had fallen 90% under Biden, despite 2022 ending with the most migrant encounters ever recorded in American history.

You can't trust Biden or his team about immigration OR crime. As a matter of fact, you can't trust them on anything.