Biden's approval even worse in June

By Jen Krausz on
 July 5, 2023

President Joe Biden's approval rating was even worse in June than May in a Rasmussen poll and continues to be underwater as the Democrat primary gets one month closer.

In May, 45% of poll respondents approved of Biden, and that dipped to 44% in June. The number who disapproved of him remained consistent at 54% over both months.

In April, 48% approved of Biden, and 50% disapproved.

Breitbart News pointed out that the dip comes after Biden and the Democrats celebrated Pride month and during which they replaced the American flag with the Pride progress flag at the White House.

It wasn't the greatest time for Biden, as during the aforementioned festivities, transgender activists visiting the White House decided to go topless there.

While it's unclear whether the Pride focus had an impact on his approval, boycotts of Target and Bud Lite over in-your-face LGBT advocacy and, in the case of Target, targeting children, could be an indication of disapproval.