Biden's Aides Furious Over President's Failures

November 1, 2023

President Joe Biden isn't immune from criticism.

We've seen that quite clearly reflected in his approval ratings lately.

One could argue that those polls are just being influenced by angry conservatives though and shouldn't be given any weight.

Okay, fine. Maybe you don't want to take those reports regarding Biden at face value.

But what would you say if you were told that even his own people are tired of following him?

Because that's exactly what's happening.

Biden has failed so frequently that even his top aides are getting extremely frustrated with him.

Reports indicate that Joe Biden's staff is "frustrated" and "bitter."

I would be too if I had to work for Biden.

Apparently, there are three things about which members of the president's team is especially pissed.

1) They're tired of losing in the polls to Donald Trump.

2) They're tired of the ineptitude in regard to immigration and inflation.

3) They want a different Democrat in 2024.