Biden's Age Causes Concern Among Independents

 January 24, 2024

President Joe Biden’s infamous collapse on a bicycle is just one example of the age concerns countless voters have with regard to him potentially being too old to serve as president for a second term.

Since he has taken office, Biden has been caught stumbling up flights of stairs, bringing an aggressive dog into the White House, picking his nose, experiencing fits of rage, and so much more.

It is obvious to everyone that Joe Biden has experienced a drastic cognitive and physical decline during his term as president.

Now, voters are starting to think carefully and express a desire for a “younger generation” to take over.

In a recent interview, Pepperell, Massachusetts resident Roland Nutter said things like “my biggest concern is his age” and “I thought we had passed a torch a while ago.”

We couldn’t agree more, Nutter.

Joe Biden is too old and needs to step down.

He is not right for America.

Biden, his crooked administration, and his criminal family need to be removed from the White House once and for all.