'Bidenomics' a 'terrible slogan,' Dem rival Dean Phillips says

December 7, 2023

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat 2024 challenger to President Joe Biden slammed the "Bidenomics" theme being trumpeted by the incumbent, saying it is a "terrible slogan."

"'Bidenomics' is a terrible slogan," Phillips told the Washington Examiner in an interview this week. "It is misguided in both its intention and strategy."

The Examiner pointed out that any economic progress we have seen is not registering with the public, which generally sees "Bidenomics" as a failure.

Phillips thinks the real issue is "affordability," which Biden isn't addressing.

Democrat lawmakers have largely dropped the tagline and are now trying to replace it with "People Over Politics."

"People are frustrated with the economy right now and claiming ‘Bidenomics’ is working is both out of touch and bad strategy," a top House aide said anonymously.  Even Biden hasn't been saying the word much anymore, but it remains prominent in campaign signage.