Bidenflaton Is STILL On The Rise

 March 17, 2023

Bidenflation is not close to over.

President Joe Biden’s inflation is expected to rise even more in March, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s business inflation expectations.

"The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s measure of business expectations for inflation showed that, on average, firms in March expect prices to spike by 3.1 percent, a significant increase," reports Breitbart. "The previous forecast was for it to be unchanged at 2.9 percent."

"This measure had been steadily dropping since April 2022 before increasing 11 months later in March 2023," Breitbart reported.

"The increase in inflation expectations comes a week after the government said core consumer prices, which exclude the volatile categories of energy and food, rose by 0.5 percent and overall prices climbed 0.4 percent. The increase in core prices was faster than the 0.4 percent expected and faster than the January pace of 0.4 percent. Compared with a year ago, core prices are up 5.5 percent, a tick down from the 5.6 percent 12-month increase in January," reported Breitbart.

"Measures of underlying inflation showed that the Fed has still made very little progress in bringing inflation down to its two percent target," reports Breitbart. "The Cleveland Fed’s median CPI measure came in at a 0.6 percent increase compared with the prior month, a 7.2 percent annualized rate of inflation. The 16 percent trimmed mean inflation, which excludes the top and bottom eight percent of price moves, came in at a 0.5 percent rise, a 6.48 percent annual rate of inflation."

It looks like the only end to Bidenflation will be electing a new person into the White House. America needs to brace for the worst.