Biden Wants Partial Nuclear Deal With Iran: Report

 April 6, 2023

In case any of you had ever been fooled into thinking that President Joe Biden has America's best interests at heart, here's the proof you need to be proven wrong:

Dirty Old Joe is considering a deal with the country of Iran that would allow Tehran to keep near-weapons-grade uranium. Apparently, the deal would prevent Iran from refining the uranium into weapons-grade uranium, IF the terms of the deal were followed.

It's just a rehash of Obama's formula from back in 2013.

Back then, just as now, the liberals in charge are trying to give sanctions relief to our enemies in the hope it will encourage our enemies to cooperate with us. But there is one MAJOR flaw in that logic, just like there was in 2013.

If they wanted to cooperate with us, they WOULDN'T BE OUR ENEMIES. These countries are our enemies for a reason: they can't be trusted!

And Silly Joe wants to trust them with the uranium they want?

Joe's mind must be further gone than even I realized.