Biden Turns To Governor Josh Shapiro For Help In Pennsylvania

 December 13, 2023

President Joe Biden is turning to somebody new for assistance.

Gov. Josh Shapiro, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, is the one on deck.

Shapiro is a young and energetic governor who may havev the ability to get the people of Pennsylvania excited in ways that the lagging Biden could never do.

"This president gives a damn," Shapiro said while introducing Biden at a fire station in Philadelphia. "Not just about the city of Philadelphia, not just about those who run toward danger, our firefighters and those here at Ladder One, the great women and men of the Philadelphia Fire Department, but he gives a damn about this community."

Shapiro had even more praise for Biden at another event later that day:

"We have a choice between that goodness of Biden, that moral clarity, and someone who will bring chaos back to this nation," Shapiro said.

Any guesses on who Shapiro was referencing?

I'm not sure, but I bet Donald Trump would know.