Biden tries, fails to be cool with Mean Girls reference

October 5, 2023

The official Democrat Party X account got pushback on Tuesday for making a Mean Girls reference about President Joe Biden. Oct. 3rd is known as "Mean Girls Day" because that day is referenced in the movie.

Posting a photo of Biden putting on aviator sunglasses, the account posted, "President @JoeBiden isn’t a regular president—he’s a cool president. #MeanGirlsDay."

But the Twitterverse (now the Xverse?) wasn't having it and let them know it immediately.

"The @DNC, long ago, jumped the shark. There's nothing regular about this nonsense," pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger said.

The Daily Wire’s Virginia Kruta pointed out, "Being cool is a lot like being funny. If you have to tell people that you are, ... you're not."

"WARNING: Highly cringe," Jake Schneider of RNC Research captioned the image.

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