Biden Touches Down In Israel As Ally Wages War Against Hamas

October 19, 2023

President Joe Biden officially landed in Israel this week.

Old Joe touched down early on the morning of October 18.

According to, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasted literally no time welcoming Joe Biden.

Despite his country being at war, Netanyahu was courteous enough to meet Biden on the tarmac.

Obviously, these two high-profile men shouldn't be standing around in the open for too long, so the two were quickly escorted away under heavy security.

The two were reportedly meeting in a hotel in Tel Aviv to conduct crisis talks.

When America's White House was asked what Biden was hoping to accomplish in Israel, White House national security spokesman John Kirby indicated that our president "wants to get a sense from the Israelis on the situation on the ground."

Even though Biden will "ask some tough questions," Kirby said that Joe will "be asking them as a friend."

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