BREAKING: Joe Biden Tossed For 2024 Democrat Plan - Unreal...

July 7, 2022

As if the Democrat Party wasn't in bad enough shape, there's one more thing that's beginning to drive a wedge between Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Hillary, Chuck, Kamala, and the rest of those dirty birds.

Many Democrats have expressed serious doubt that Joe Biden could even make it through a second term as president, and even more think he isn't the Democrats' best chance in 2024.

The simple truth of the matter is that America has gotten so much more expensive, hostile, and divided under Joe Biden that even liberals don't want him around anymore.

They know that each day he spends in office is another day he can spend ruining America.

The porous southern border, his premature evacuation in Afghanistan, his inability to ride a bike, record inflation, all-time-high gas prices, COVID, the war in Ukraine, and Kamala Harris' complete ineptitude have made Joe Biden's term a definite failure.

Could he EVER make a recovery?

Even Democrats are beginning to think not.

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