Biden takes shot at Trump's legal cases during campaign stop

 April 18, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, and most of his supporters across America and in politics have insisted that the charges he faces across multiple indictments are part of a grand political witch hunt to hamstring his presidential campaign.

While Democrats are quick to deny such claims, President Joe Biden seemingly admitted as such during a recent speech.

According to Politico, the president made a rare remark about Trump's ongoing legal issues during a recent campaign speech.

Biden, during a speech at the United Steelworkers Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made a quip about Trump that almost sounded like an admission of sorts, telling the audience that Trump is "a little busy right now."

"Under my predecessor, who’s a little busy right now, Pennsylvania lost 275,000 jobs," Biden told the small crowd in attendance, taking shots at both Trump's legal situation and his time in the White House.

Biden has increased his attacks on Trump in recent weeks in what many believe to be an attempt to draw a contrast between the two administrations.

At a campaign stop in Scranton, Biden said when he “look[s] at the economy, I don’t see it through the eyes of Mar-a-Lago, I see it through the eyes of Scranton."

As one would expect, Biden was brutally mocked across social media for that particular remark, as he's about as far away from knowing what working-class Americans are going through than one could possibly be.

And if he truly did see the economy through the eyes of Scranton, he would know that most working-class Americans have had an extraordinarily difficult time maintaining their lives under Biden's rule, mostly because of record-high inflation and his job-killing, radically progressive "green" initiatives.

Not to mention his out-of-control spending issues, like the "Inflation Reduction Act," which had the opposite intended effect.

Any honest, reasonably person who can put politics aside knows and remembers the shocking difference between a Trump economy and a Biden economy, and Americans want to go back to a time when most things were affordable.

Biden might not be all that swift, but the people behind his campaign aren't dumb. They know they don't have a lot to work with, so they'll continue to gaslight as many voters as possible into believing that the economy is just fine.

The true test will come in November, of course. Many believe that most voters, whether they announce it or not, will vote for the leader who didn't screw up the American economy.