Biden takes excessive vacations, Trump says: 'When I take vacations, I'm always working'

By Jen Krausz on
 January 2, 2024

Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News on Thursday that he thinks President Joe Biden takes excessive vacations during his presidency and noted that Biden doesn't actually work while he is vacationing.

“This guy takes a vacation and he doesn’t talk to anybody,” Trump said. “They say, ‘He’ll call you in two or three weeks because he’s on vacation.’ Did you know that? People call him and they say he’ll try getting back to you in the next two to three weeks because he’s on vacation.”

In contrast, Trump said he considered Mar-A-Lago the "Southern White House" and did not put off meetings while he was there.

“I have to say, when I take vacations I’m always working,” Trump said. “This is really the Southern White House. I have meetings left, right, and all day. Even if I’m playing golf, I’m always playing golf with somebody who is important like heads of countries, senators, et cetera. But it’s all work.”

Trump pointed out that Biden's work has not really helped the country anyway, suggesting that he should maybe take even more vacations than the 40% of his time spent on vacation to date.

“If Biden only would have gone to that beach he goes to so much and just sat there trying to lift the chair, which weighs about three ounces,” then things would be better for the country, Trump said.