Biden Strikes Prisoner Swap Deal With Iran

September 12, 2023

Whenever Joe Biden sets out to make a deal with another country, you can count on one thing...

The United States of America is about to get fleeced.

Biden's family might come out ahead as they always seem to do, but ordinary Americans are often the one stuck paying for Old Joe's careless decisions.

We'll have to see how this one impacts us.

Biden's administration has struck a deal with Iran to swap prisoners. Five Iranian prisoners being held in America are walking free. As a result, five Americans being held in Iran will be released.

Hopefully this is more of a fair trade then Biden's highly publicized swap with Russia. He freed a man named the "Merchant of Death" and sent him to Russia so that famous lesbian Brittney Griner could come back to America and play basketball.

Griner's team finished with the worst record in the WNBA and missed the playoffs.