Biden stall tactics on bank records failed, Jesse Watters says

November 2, 2023

Fox News host Jesse Watters said during a monologue on his prime time show that President Joe Biden underestimated how easy it would be for banks to produce records of transactions made by the Biden family.

He said:

The president thought he was going to be able to run out the clock on having to turn over bank records. The president thought records of your bank files are stored in cabinets, in warehouses, and it would take years to send a bunch of bankers to dig through boxes of bank records and Xerox them and turn them over. It's actually electronic.

Finding out which Biden family members were sending money to each other was as easy as pressing a button, Watters said:

You just type in an account number, and you hit print, and it doesn't take a lot of money to do it. You'd be surprised how much money banks have, Joe. It's why they're banks. It's where we keep the money. And James Comer is finally getting his hands on Biden family bank records so far. The left says there's no evidence incriminating Joe Biden.

Watters specifically mentioned one transaction from James Biden's wife to Joe Biden, a check for $40,000. Tracing back the payment, it came from a $400,000 payment into Hunter Biden's bank account that originally came from China.

"Well, wait a second. What's 10% of 400,000? That's 40 grand. That's 10% for 'The Big Guy,'" Watters reasoned, wondering if Democrats were going to change the definition of "smoking gun" over the revelation.

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