Biden shares American military secrets during live interview

 July 11, 2023

President Joe Biden recently sat for a live interview in which he shared American military secrets.

Biden said in the interview that the United States is low on 155mm artillery ammunition rounds.

The comment sparked outrage, with many conservatives taking to social media to call him out for his incompetence and failure to properly protect America's military information.

During the interview, Biden defended his administration's decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine as a "transition period" while waiting for more munitions to be produced.

"This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it," Biden said in the interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

"And so, what I finally did, I took the recommendation of the Defense Department to – not permanently – but to allow for this transition period while we get more 155 weapons, these shells, for the Ukrainians," Biden added.

Following Biden's interview, social media blew up with confusion and criticism of his revealing remarks.

"Love when the president of America goes on CNN to tell everyone we’re low on ammo," wrote political operative Logan Dobson.

"Joe Biden broadcasting to the world that the US is low on 155mm shells," conservative Steve Guest tweeted. "Moron. Does Biden not care that our adversaries in China are listening?"

"In CNN interview, President Biden is not particularly clear but seems to be saying US is sending cluster munitions to Ukraine because we are running out of 155mm artillery ammunition to send them," tweeted Byron York of the Washington Examiner. "Seems obvious this is affecting US readiness to defend itself."

"A White House official appeared to walk back Biden's comment that the United States is running out of ammunition when asked to comment on criticism in response to Biden's interview on CNN," Fox reported.

"The military has specific requirements for the numbers of weapons systems and ammunition we maintain in our reserves in case of contingencies or military conflict," a White House official said. "Everything we send to Ukraine is in excess of that. So, the U.S. is not running out of ammunition ourselves."

"Joe Biden wasn't supposed to say the quiet part out loud: 'We've run out of ammunition.' But now that the cat's out of the bag, one must ask whether continued support of Ukraine's military is even feasible as the conflict rages on," political talker Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

What the heck is even happening with President Biden? He is jeopardizing the safety of America. Sadly, this isn't the first time he's shown disregard for protecting Americans. It's been an ongoing theme of his administration.