Biden Sends Invitation To 350,000 Mexican Migrants

Even liberals know that ending Title 42 is going to devastate America's southern border, but they're still letting it happen.

Joe Biden's progressive border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, is widening a semi-legal door in the border so that 1,000 people from Mexico per day can be admitted into America -- up to 350,000 people per year.

Mayorkas is telling Americans what to expect when Title 42 is lifted, hoping to avoid another public relations disaster for liberals like the Del Rio arrival of 30,000 migrants in September 2021.

Mayorkas is planning to expand migrant access to the CBP One cell phone app. That app allows migrants to schedule an appointment to be stealthily bussed to American border offices.

That way, the migrants don't have to walk across Mexico's northern border, where those mean old American border patrol agents might catch them and register them.

The CBP One pipeline is expected to send migration numbers rocketing past the 1,000,000 people per year limit set by Congress back in 1990.

But hey, liberals have never followed the rules before. Why start now?