Biden Sending Troops To Border To Import More Migrants

Representative Barry Moore, a Republican from Alabama, recently dropped a bombshell of epic proportions on American voters.

You may have heard that Joe Biden is sending 1,500 troops to America's southern border.

He's hoping people think that they're going there to protect the border, but Moore says their job is going to do anything but.

These troops aren't going to be there to protect America's border, they're going there to weaken it. Moore says that their sole purpose is going to be so that liberals can "process illegal migrants more rapidly."

It's clear that Joe Biden isn't interested in defending our border at all, as he actually appears ready to let Title 42 expire.

"The troubling thing for me is we know that Title 42 is about to expire and that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is already nothing but concierge and now our soldiers will not be defending the U.S. border, they’re going to be escorting people to the immigration offices and getting their motions to appear in court with their free cell phones and their government-subsidized income, so that’s the concern for me," Moore told America.