Biden Says America 'United' In Support For Ukraine. But Are We?

 February 9, 2023

Joe Biden claimed in his State of the Union address that all of "America is united in our support for Ukraine. We will stand with you as long as it takes."

Except, that's not necessarily true.

That WOULD be true if all Zelensky wanted to do was push Vladimir Putin out of Ukraine and go back to the way things were a year or two ago.

Except that isn't what Zelensky wants at all, and nobody besides Tucker Carlson seems to be blowing the horn about it.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons Americans don't feel the need to support Ukraine as much as Biden thinks we do.

Only 49% of American adults think that America should provide more funding and weapons to Ukraine. Almost that much, 47%, think that America should definitely NOT send more money and weapons to Ukraine.

Admittedly, more people want to help than don't want to help. But that's not what Biden said. He said we ALL wanted the same thing. The numbers prove that simply isn't true.