Biden's 'Watch Me' Claim Will Haunt His Presidency

Out of every failure that Joe Biden has had since taking his place in the Oval Office, two words might end up being all that is needed to prove his administration has been a complete failure:

"Watch me."

Last November, Joe Biden was confronted with the reality that about two-thirds of Americans did not think that he was mentally or physically capable of carrying out one of the most grueling jobs in the world.

When Joe was asked if the fact that he is slowing down scares him, Joe simply responded that "it does not."

He was then asked how he would respond to the people who don't think he can do what needs to be done to properly lead America. His next two words might very well define his presidency.

"Watch me."

Well, we have been watching, Joe. And America still does not like what its sees. It's clear that things aren't getting any better.

I have two words for Joe Biden who thinks that we don't have what it takes to elect somebody new in 2024:

Watch us.