Biden Rushes Off Stage Without Shaking Brazilian President's Hand

September 23, 2023

Geez, Joe.

There's getting up there, there's not being spring chicken anymore, there's old, and then there's whatever you are.

Everyone knows that age is just a number, but we're not talking about how old Biden is in terms of years on this earth; we're talking about how Biden is doing mentally.

Not well.

America's president simply must be brushed up on his or her manners. Offending an entire foreign country isn't the type of thing you want to do accidentally, but it appears as though Joe Biden might have recently done just that.

Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva surely must have been waiting for a greeting from Biden after the two had just finished sharing the stage at a joint event.

Instead, Biden simply ignored Brazil's president and confusedly wandered off the stage.

We shouldn't make fun of people for being old, but this is something else. Biden's mind is too far gone, and he keeps embarrassing America because of it.

Biden needs to go.

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