Biden Removed Wrong People Form Afghanistan

 January 19, 2023

Representative Pat Fallon, a Republican from Texas, recently stopped by a broadcast of Evening Edit on Fox Business Network.

While there, host Elizabeth Macdonald asked Fallon about Joe Biden's evacuation strategy out of Afghanistan.

According to her, Biden left behind very important people while saving those who had never contributed anything to America or freedom:

So, there’s also this Pentagon Inspector General report, Congressman, that nearly 50,000 Afghans whom the Biden White House housed on five U.S. military bases, since 2021, they cost taxpayers nearly $190 million in damages. It’s — we’re talking Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort Lee and Fort Pickett in Virginia, and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, so — and also at Camp Atterbury in Indiana, talking damaged walls, damaged ceilings, floors, doors, plumbing, electrical systems, they just sort of damaged throughout the facilities’ barracks and more.

Congressman Fallon knew EXACTLY what she was talking about:

Well, you know on the Afghanistan issue, Liz, there were some folks that were with us that worked with us, themselves and their families were in danger. But then there were a whole bunch of people we didn’t even know who they were that happened to just get on the airplanes. And the Biden administration said they were going to do robust screening, they did not do that, because very, very few people were sent back to Afghanistan, while we know the majority of the folks that came over here didn’t even have anything to do with helping us in our mission in that home country.