Biden recounts conversations with dad and uncle, but both would have been dead at the relevant time

December 20, 2022

President Joe Biden is at it again with more made up or confused stories, this time about conversations he supposedly had with his dad and uncle, except that they were both dead at the time Biden said the conversations took place.

The comments came on Friday during a town hall event for veterans in Delaware.

Biden told a story about his father asking him to try to get a Purple Heart for his uncle Frank Biden, who he said fought in the Battle of the Bulge, when he became vice president.

His uncle never got the Purple Heart when he was supposed to, his dad said. "So we got him the Purple Heart," Biden said. "We had the family there."

The problem is, Biden's uncle Frank died in 1999, and his father died in 2002. Neither one was alive when he became vice president in 2008.

Not only could Biden not have had the initial conversation with his father, but he couldn't have procured the Purple Heart and had a family celebration either. Not only that, but there's no record of his uncle Frank ever being awarded a Purple Heart.