Biden puts new COVID travel restrictions on China after calling Trump 'xenophobic' for doing same

December 29, 2022

President Joe Biden's White House announced Wednesday that it will place new COVID travel restrictions on China, even though Biden called former President Donald Trump "xenophobic" and "racist" for doing so in 2020 before the virus became widespread here.

Travelers from China will need to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the U.S., beginning Jan. 5.

The new restrictions are meant to give the U.S. more data and to compensate for China's lack of effectiveness in monitoring the virus.

Biden's administration later changed its mind about Trump's China and European restrictions and said they supported them, saying they were justified by science.

"Science supported this ban, therefore [Biden] did too," Biden's then-campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said in 2020.

It was kind of a rewriting of history, but whatever helps Biden sleep at night.