Biden Pursuing Legal Gun Owners While Hunter Breaks Gun Laws

Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative James Comer recently stopped by Jesse Watters Primetime. While there, he asked the same question that a lot of Americans are asking about Joe Biden's newly reinvigorated war on guns.

Where was that enthusiasm when it came to Hunter's unlawful conduct with firearms?

Why does the president feel the need to attack legal gun owners when his own son is proving that the laws for which he advocates wouldn't work anyway?

It's a fair question to ask. He wondered:

To listen to Joe Biden talk about family values or to listen to Joe Biden talk about criminal justice reform or policy where he wants to hire more IRS employees to go after tax cheats or have more gun laws to go after people that possess firearms, and his own son pled guilty to two tax evasion charges and one illegal possession of firearms, this is a terrible example of leadership in the White House. And surely to goodness, the American people are seeing that and we can get fresh new leadership next year in the presidential election.