Biden Publishes Weakened Gas Stove Efficiency Rule

 January 30, 2024

Could your home be raided soon, and you be sent to jail because of your kitchen appliances?

Thanks to Joe Biden's administration's recent decision, we're one step closer to that being a reality, but perhaps not as close as we might have been.

Biden's administration recently put out a rule requiring gas and electric stoves in America to meet certain efficiency standards.

Following incredible political blowback, Biden's team eased up on its desired restrictions on gas stoves, however.

Perhaps that's because Kamala Harris posted one too many pictures of herself using her own gas stove while trying to take the rest of America's gas stoves away.

A recent press release from America's Energy Department indicated that 97% of gas stoves and 77% of electric stoves on the market currently meet the requirements it is proposing.

Previously, it was estimated that 50% of gas stoves on the market would be impacted by the ban.

Are you willing to change appliances based on what Biden officials say?

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