Biden poll numbers worsen on most key issues

By Jen Krausz on
 June 23, 2023

President Joe Biden's overall approval rating is 10 points underwater, with 43% saying they approve of his job performance and 53% disapproving, but his approval numbers on almost every single issue continued to decline in the newest Harvard/Harris poll as well.

Compared to May, his approval on the economy is unchanged at 39%.

His approval on immigration, fighting terrorism, and foreign affairs all dropped three points to 35%, 43%, and 40% respectively.

On crime and generally running the country, he dropped two points, to 37% and 42%.

It certainly seems like the American people are losing confidence in Biden's ability to preside over the United States, which is not a good thing for him as he seeks re-election.

It's no wonder former President Donald Trump is coming out on top in a hypothetical matchup, 45% to 39%, even though he's been indicted twice in the last three months.