Biden Poll Numbers Continur To Crumble As President Falls Out Of Favor With Voters

November 8, 2023

Poor Joe Biden.

He's officially OUT.

Out of favor, out of time, out of supporters, out of energy, out of ideas...

Even on the liberal side of things, people don't seem to be supporting Biden anymore.

Former President Barack Obama even has several members of his staff coming out against Biden, saying that there probably needs to be another option for Democrat voters if they're going to have a shot in 2024.

Even Republicans are getting on in the speculation because it is just SO obvious that Biden is not going to cut it for Democrats. Realistically, they're going to have to switch candidates if they want a shot to win.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has told us multiple times that he honestly believes that Democrats are planning on putting Biden through the primaries, letting him wear all the mud, then removing him to "parachute" in a squeaky-clean Michelle Obama.

I'm not sure it will work, but there's simply no way that Biden's going to cut it, so they need to try something.

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