Biden Opens 9/11 Speech With Joke

September 13, 2023

Joe Biden probably should have opened his public remarks on 9/11 by respecting the tremendous gravity of the date.

Instead, he opened by jokingly talking about his high school fantasy of being an All-American on the athletic field. Biden was being introduced by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, a Republican from Alaska. Joe jokingly referenced the fact that both Dunleavy and Biden are from Scranton, Pennsylvania, saying:

Governor Dunleavy, it’s good to see you. The governor and I have something in common: we're both from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I wish I had him playing on my high school ball club when I was playing. I could've been an All-American having you in front of me.

Despite spending most of his life living with other elites in Delaware, Biden likes to say he's from blue-collar Scranton.

Americans were DISGUSTED at the display of disrespect:

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