Sinema: Biden 'Not Prepared' For End Of Title 42

Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona said this week that she believes President Biden and his administration are "not prepared" for the upcoming end of Title 42 border regulations.

Title 42 was originally created to address public health and social welfare by permitting rapid removal of migrants.

Additionally, Title 42 grants the government the ability to take emergency action in numerous ways, including to "stop the introduction of communicable diseases."

Host of Fox News Channel's Special Report, Bret Baier asked, "Title 42, coming to an end, is there an answer here in the coming days?"

Sinema responded, "Well, there should be an answer. The administration has known for two years that the end of Title 42 was coming. It was never intended to be a long-term solution. And [Sen. James Lankford (R-OK)] and I together, as the Chair and top — Ranking Member of the Border Subcommittee in the Senate, have been calling on the administration to prepare for the end of Title 42. Unfortunately, Bret, I’m sad to tell you that they haven’t done it. They have not prepared for the end of Title 42, which comes in just a week and a half."

Sinema added that while Biden's plan to send 1,500 troops will help with the anticipated migrant influx, "no one can claim that that is going to be enough. The reality is is that we’re seeing over 1,000 single male adults come through the Tucson sector every single day. We don’t have enough buses to transport those individuals to other parts of the country. We don’t have enough holding facilities to keep them incarcerated until a disposition has been made. We don’t have the space, the money, or the personpower to address this crisis. 1,500 people will help. But we both know it’s nowhere near enough."