Biden Moves To Cut Medicare Advantage

 April 4, 2023

For MONTHS, Joe Biden has repeatedly said that Republicans were attacking Medicare and Social Security. It was all a distraction because Old Joe just did exactly what he wanted us to be afraid of Republicans doing.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced this week that Medicare Advantage was being cut by 1.12% in 2024.

Biden's administration proposed these cuts to Medicare Advantage after spending months telling us that Republicans were to blame if Americans saw anything happen to their retirement security.

Unfortunately, this is just par for the course for liberals in America. Instead of doing things that are going to help the next generation of Americans, they do the exact opposite and then blame it on conservatives.

They make our country worse, then they lie about it. It's the same routine we've been seeing for decades out of them. They don't care about facts; they care about how they're perceived. Instead of just doing things that would improve voter perception of them, they'd rather just do whatever they want then demand control over the narrative.

You're not fooling us this time, Joe Biden. We know it's YOUR fault.