Biden making mistake by letting Obama advise on AI

November 7, 2023

As Jack Hellner wrote in The American Thinker on Sunday, President Joe Biden is making a big mistake by having former President Barack Obama advise him on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"Obama shouldn't be trusted as an advisor on anything. He has actively been trying to remake and destroy our great country for 15 years now," Hellner said, noting that Obama is trying to blame Israel for Hamas's attack on it.

Obama has had his hand in the Big Tech cookie jar for too many years now to be objective.

When he was in office, he thought net neutrality -- which forced internet sites and other media to give equal time to opposing viewpoints even though both were already biased toward the left -- was a great idea.

Trump repealed the rule, and the Internet flourished, but now Biden wants to bring it back.

The James Madison Institute called net neutrality "a solution in search of a problem that doesn't exist," but that won't stop Biden from trying to get the FCC to implement it. And AI will be a similar disaster under Biden with Obama once again pulling the strings.

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