Biden Makes Embarrassing Gaffe In Ireland, America Humiliated

 April 14, 2023

President Joe Biden made another gaffe, if you can believe it. The amount of times Biden has screwed up easy sentences is becoming comical at this point.

"Biden, in attempting to pay tribute to his Irish rugby player cousin, managed to mix up the world-famous New Zealand team with an infamous group of constables known for their brutality during the Irish War of Independence," reported the Washington Examiner.

During a speech at Windsor Bar in Dundalk, Ireland, Biden paid tribute to Rob Kearney, a former stalwart of the Ireland international rugby team and a distant cousin of Biden.

"In 2016, Kearney played in a game for Ireland at Chicago's Soldier Field, where they defeated New Zealand, nicknamed the "All Blacks" because of their entirely black uniform, for the first time in 111 years," reported Washington Examiner.

Unfortunately, Biden butchered his delivery when trying to pay tribute to Kearney.

"You see this tie I have with the shamrock on it?" Biden said. "This was given to me by one of these guys right here, who was a hell of a rugby player, and they beat the hell out of the Black and Tans ... but it was when you were at Soldier Field, wasn't it? Chicago."

The gaffe led to some awkward groans.

"The Black and Tans were part-time officers who were overwhelmingly British and were recruited to bolster the numbers of the Royal Irish Constabulary in Ireland during the War of Independence and counter the terrorism threat posed by the Irish Republican Army. The group themselves were named for their distinctive uniform and became notorious for their own brutality. It was disbanded in 1921," reported the Examiner.