Biden Losing Support Of Black Voters

November 15, 2023

Joe Biden is in some serious trouble.

He gets a lot of his votes by demonizing white people in America, a strategy to which a lot of Democrats have turned in recent years.

Obviously, those people aren't going to be that keen to vote for him.

That's why Joe Biden desperately depends on other demographics to vote for him, especially Black Americans.

Unfortunately for Biden, the people he's always counted as an automatic vote don't appear eager to support him in 2024.

It's not hard to see why, given that Biden is actively ruining the country.

Even the minority groups he is supposedly benefitting with his policies don't like them.

Black Americans are Americans, and it's been pretty well documented that Americans don't like open borders.

If Biden is serious about wanting the Black vote, then he's going to have to get serious about helping them. They've started to realize that he wants to do anything but.

He doesn't want to keep them healthy; he wants to keep them dependent.

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