Biden leaves vacation to tour Maui fire damage

By Jen Krausz on
 August 22, 2023

President Joe Biden was heckled by several dozen residents of very liberal Maui on Monday when he visited to tour fire damage in Lahaina and promise federal support to rebuild.

The angry residents held signs that said, "No comment" and shouted, "Go home, Joe!"  just before his speech.

Biden has been criticized for his seeming aloofness at the tragedy, and for saying "No comment" when he was asked while at the beach about the fires.

Residents are also upset that FEMA has offered them $700 each when their entire home was destroyed while giving tens of billions to Ukraine.

The president brought up his own experience with a small kitchen fire and his first wife and child's death in a car accident to say that he knew something about the sorrow and loss they were feeling, but left people feeling like he made it all about him.

The government response to Lahaina at all levels has been frustratingly slow, and people are beginning to feel like the guy at the top is setting the snail's pace.