Biden lawyer says he won't release special counsel interview transcripts

By Jen Krausz on
 February 12, 2024

One way that some observers have suggested that President Joe Biden could prove that the special counsel characterized him wrongly in its report about classified documents is to release the transcripts of the five-hour interview he had with Robert Hur.

That's not going to happen, Biden lawyer Bob Bauer told CBS's Margaret Brennan, at least not right now.

Ultimately, Bauer said, it will be the government's decision whether to release the transcripts, not his or Biden's.

Why wouldn't Bauer and Biden want people to see how wrong the special counsel was if that's what they truly believe?

Maybe it is because the transcript would show in excruciating detail that Biden did exhibit a shockingly poor memory and came across as frail, elderly, slow, and not able to handle much.

Bauer said the decision not to charge Biden was the right one but that the report was a "shabby work product," and Hur "cherry-picked" his conclusions about Biden's mental competence.