Biden Knew Truth Behind Hunter's Laptop All Along

 April 25, 2023

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently made a stop by Fox News. While there, he appeared on The Story and told the sickening truth behind Joe Biden's corruption.

Joe Biden (and all of his friends) KNEW the truth behind Hunter Biden's laptop from the very beginning.

They either just pretended not to know or refused to believe the truth.

Ratcliffe knows this because he was the Director of National Intelligence at the time and told Joe Biden's campaign and Antony Blinken the truth behind the laptop, namely that there was no intelligence that the laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign and that the laptop wasn’t part of a disinformation campaign.

Joe Biden has been complicit in his son's crimes from day one, and Ratcliffe knows it, saying:

I had already addressed this story publicly. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had come out a few days before and had said that the Biden laptop was part of a smear campaign from the Kremlin. So, I went on national TV to say, that’s not true, the only intelligence Adam Schiff has is the intelligence that I’ve shared with him and the intelligence community doesn’t have any that indicates this is a Russian disinformation campaign. What I didn’t say then — because I didn’t want to prejudice Hunter Biden’s rights as a citizen — was I knew that the FBI had the laptop and I knew that there was an investigation at the Department of Justice

"So, the problem for Mike Morell and the admission that he just made is that I made those statements on this network publicly and put out a statement 14 hours before the letter that he orchestrated was published in POLITICO. So, at the time that it was published, he knew, Antony Blinken knew, POLITICO knew, the Biden campaign, they all knew that the intelligence community had officially stated that this was not Russian disinformation. But they did it anyway," Ratcliffe concluded. "They obviously did it as an effort, not just to win the election, but to mislead voters about the truth. They suppressed the truth and they amplified a lie."