Biden Jokes About Dodging Questions, Press Awkwardly Laughs...

President Joe Biden is being torn apart on social media for a joke he tried to make at the media's expense.

During his speech at the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) dinner, Biden said that his public appearances have been disappointing, leaving a lot to be desired.

"In a lot of ways this dinner sums up my first two years in office. I'll talk for 10 minutes, take zero questions, and cheerfully walk away," Biden said.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas responded to the joke by pointing out that the media laughed "because they are on" Biden's team.

CNN contributor Scott Jennings blasted Biden for "mocking the press."

"For the journalists in the room: He wasn't laughing with you, he was laughing at you," Jennings wrote. "I mean, the reality is, I think he's mocking the press. The guy does not take questions, and he's up there joking about it. And they’re clapping, and they’re laughing about it."

"I’m pro-reporter, and I think the president should have to talk to these reporters and not mock them," Jennings continued.

NPR reporter Tamara Keith also joked about Biden’s elusiveness.

Keith said at the dinner, "Every president privately and sometimes publicly bridles at his news coverage, and yet they invite us in and take our questions, though, sir, not as many as we would like."

"Biden, who is seeking re-election, held his 24th press conference last week, meaning he’s held the fewest news conferences of any president since Ronald Reagan, The New York Times reported. In response to the criticism, a White House official told The Times that Biden had held "nearly 400" question-and-answer sessions, which even the newspaper noted were often 'very brief,'" reported Fox News.