Comer: Classified Documents Kept In Unlocked Closet At Penn Biden Center

 April 7, 2023

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer revealed that classified documents were transported from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s possession to the Penn Biden Center, and you won't believe where the documents ended up.

According to Comer, the classified documents were kept in an unlocked closet and remained accessible to center employees and potentially others.

Based on testimony from Biden's former assistant, Kathy Chung, classified documents remained unsecured at the Penn Biden Center for years and remained accessible to her until May 2022.

Biden administration officials have appeared to blame Chung for the mishandling of the aforementioned classified documents.

"This story does not begin in November 2022, as represented by President Biden’s attorney," Comer said. "[T]hen-White House Counsel Dana Remus tasked Kathy Chung with retrieving these boxes from the Penn Biden Center as early as May 2022."

According to public records, Chinese Communist Party-linked individuals or entities donated at least $54 million between 2014 and 2019 to the Penn Biden Center.

This is shady.

Comer spoke out about Biden’s classified document scandal in connection with the recently revealed Biden family business schemes.

"We don’t the know the true extent of what he [Joe Biden] has done," Comer said. "All we know is he had classified documents scattered all over the place dating back to the time as U.S. senator."