Biden Is Dragging USA-Israel Relations Back To Obama-Era Low

 March 23, 2023

The radical wing of the Democratic Party has been wanting to see Israel treated like this for a long time, and Joe Biden is their man to FINALLY carry out their plan.

Israel is supposed to be one of America's strongest allies.

But liberals in this country insist on treating its leaders like anything but. Not since the worst days of the Obama era have Americans treated Israel this poorly.

Obama and his administration (Biden included) deliberately put distance between themselves and Israel in an attempt to look like a hero in the Arab world. One of the ways Obama did this was by trying to withhold weapons from Israel during a conflict with the terrorist group Hamas.

Not since then has Israel been so poorly treated by America as we're seeing from Joe Biden right now.

Biden has STILL yet to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a visit to America, and many people doubt that relations will be able to be repaired until the president corrects this injustice.

Unfortunately, Netanyahu may be waiting for a while.