Biden is a danger to national security, Breitbart author says in new book

 October 16, 2023

Breitbart's Alex Marlow held nothing back in his new book, Breaking Biden, which paints a picture of just how horrible a president Joe Biden truly is -- not to mention most of his political career, especially when he was Barack Obama's vice president.

In a Breitbart exclusive, Marlow noted that Biden, who still believes climate change is America's greatest threat, is a threat to national security himself, just by his actions and decisions alone.

"National security is Joe Biden’s oldest and biggest blind spot. He is a foreign affairs dynamo in his own mind, a world class diplomat. But his record shows that he is the exact opposite," Marlow wrote.

As controversy swirls around the origins of the Hamas-led terrorist attack on Israel last week, many are blaming Biden and his administration for funding -- at least indirectly, but maybe more -- terrorist organizations like Hamas through money given to Iran and other groups.

He noted that when Biden was Obama's vice president, that administration cut an insanely stupid deal with Iran, including a massive payment, part of that being $400 million in cold, hard, U.S. cash on a pallet, sent by cargo plane.

"Who sends pallets of cash to people who want the United States (and Israel) wiped off the map? Barack Obama and Joe Biden, apparently," Marlow wrote. "They funded the funders of terrorism with your taxpayer dollars in the most humiliating way possible."

Marlow was referencing Iran's known and continued funding of Hamas, who's sole mission is to exterminate Israeli Jews.

He also pointed out that the Biden administration so desperately attempted to revive the nuclear deal put in place by Obama and later canceled by former President Donald Trump.

Marlow added, "Since Biden has been president, the U.N. nuclear watchdog found that Iran has enriched uranium to near weapons-grade."

The author also touched on one of the Biden administration's greatest and most costly failures -- the failed U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan during his first year in office.

He wrote, "The instance where Joe most strongly asserted himself against the advice of his inner circle was his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. We’re still paying the price for that decision; Iran only began planning the recent attacks on Israel after the U.S. departed from the region, leaving more than $7 billion of U.S. equipment in the hands of a regime that sponsors terrorism."

That's just the tip of the iceberg. From secret night flights of cash to Iran to empowering the United States' enemies around the globe due to his weak leadership, Biden is a danger to the very country he swore to protect.

Hopefully, enough voters realize that next year at the ballot box, if he even makes it that far.