McCaul: Biden Inviting Aggression By Appearing Weak

 March 27, 2023

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas, has a BIG problem with Joe Biden.

Biden is a weak old man. As a result, many of America's enemies are using Joe's image as an indicator that all of America must be divisive and feeble.

But the rest of America is NOT like that.

Never before in America's history has the soul of our nation been so different from how our president publicly portrays us.

"Tensions are rattling on the part of Putin to try to frighten with the operations going on," McCaul said. He added:

The way I see it, since President Biden came into office, he’s projected weakness, and you invite aggression and war. When you project strength like Reagan talked about, you invite peace. You are seeing Iran getting aggressive, and now Putin invading Ukraine and Chairman Xi Jinping and China threatening Taiwan and the Pacific. All these things are happening at the same too, and it is not by accident. It is by design, and it is a weak foreign policy out of fear. I think we are so weak right now. These tactical nukes are disturbing. I think it’s the fact they are in Belarus. What happens in Ukraine will happen in Taiwan and the Far East, and the Pacific. This is a very important confrontation right now.

"We are losing our prestige," McCaul concluded. "We are not leading in front. We are leading from behind. We talked about Obama years and ISIS rearing their ugly head. Foreign adversaries are on the march and getting aggressive against our interests in the United States because of his weakness. President Trump, when he was in office, they feared him."