Biden impeachment could be imminent in face of Trump charges and bribery revelations

 June 12, 2023

President Joe Biden's impeachment is just around the corner, as Republicans are being pushed to pull the trigger following the indictment of former President Donald Trump and the revelations about the current president's past bribery scheme.

House Oversight Committee Republicans obtained a document from the FBI on Thursday, after weeks of the agency's stonewalling, that detailed a scheme in which both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden received $5 million in return for helping an executive for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma kill an investigation into the company.

For those who remember, Burisma was at the center of the phone call that Trump made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which Democrats used to impeach Trump in 2019.

Now Republicans have proof of a bribery scheme between the Biden family and Burisma that netted the Bidens millions of dollars. With that evidence, Americans can expect impeachment proceedings soon.

Any notion of slow walking impeachment went out the window when Trump was indicted last Thursday. House Republicans will need to kick things into overdrive in order to counter that prosecution.

Democrats are using the justice system to indict their chief political rival, a crime that goes far beyond anything Trump is accused of doing, and at the same time they are disregarding President Biden's corruption. Now that Republicans have their evidence, it is time to officially impeach President Biden.