DOJ seizes additional classified documents at Biden's Delaware home

 January 23, 2023

The Department of Justice has seized more classified documents from President Biden's Delaware home.

"On Jan. 20, 2023, the FBI executed a planned, consensual search of the president's residence in Wilmington, Delaware," said Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, an assistant to the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch.

"Lausch was the DOJ official running the investigation into Biden's improper retention of classified records ahead of the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur. Fox News has learned Lausch is still playing an integral role in the probe as Hur gets up to speed," the network noted.

Biden's attorney Bob Bauer said the search covered "all working, living and storage spaces in the home."

"At the outset of this matter, the president directed his personal attorneys to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice," said Bauer. "Accordingly, having previously identified and reported to DOJ a small number of documents with classification markings at the president’s Wilmington home, and in the interest of moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible, we offered to provide prompt access to his home to allow DOJ to conduct a search of the entire premises for potential vice-presidential records and potential classified material."

"DOJ had full access to the president’s home, including personally handwritten notes, files, papers, binders, memorabilia, to-do lists, schedules, and reminders going back decades," added Bauer.

"DOJ took possession of materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry, including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials, some of which were from the president’s service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as vice president," said Bauer. "DOJ also took for further review personally handwritten notes from the vice-presidential years."

The White House continues to refuse to comment on the contents of the classified records, as well as the classification levels, saying that the records "have been turned over to proper authorities and will be part of the ongoing investigation."

Source: Fox News